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An adventure in the pristine jungle. ATV, horseriding, ziplines and the healing crystal water retreat and spa. Nestled in the hills of the rainforest, we are the final destination to the full transformation of your spirit, your soul and body. Ixtar is a project funded by the PURE SOUL SERIES ASSOCIATION - a soul mastery project that brings your passion back to earth with the fundamental knowledge of healing and adventure within the elements of nature.

Belize is where we will create this project, open to the public with daily tours and music events annually. We are here to show you how to enjoy nature with your loved ones in a pure state of your highest spirit.



Did you know that going off grid is something we were supposed to be doing all our lives? Living from a state of divine consciousness, love and harmony. You see we are ready to show you a divine adventure that you will be so engulfed in nature and the animal spirit within you will magnify as you explore, play and rejuvenate your soul in the natural rainforest.
Did you know about our Academy?
After enjoying a day of fun and adventure and "getting to know us" We invite you to return and attend the Divine Soul Mastery Academy - a place of restoration of knowledge of everything you ever thought or known, we will reset your vessel to realize who you truly are and why you are here and what you are meant to be doing in this lifetime.
Sounds like this is resonating with you?
We want you to feel the spirit of IXTAR before you attend so we developed a fun day of meeting the land and the flora and fauna and wild animal life that occurs here in the natural rainforest, safely and securely you will be guided on a full day tour to show you the land where we can also learn and advance to the next level of our lives.


Horse Riding

As you reach the top of Ixtar, you will ride one of our homegrown horses back to the beginning of the adventure down the slops of Ixtar Jungle


ATV 4x4 trails

You adventure starts at Hills and Valley and continues on the vast trails through the IXTAR jungle till you reach the top of our adventure site for a day of fun activities.


healing pyramid center

Yes we have a healing pyramid built by the new generation of the warriors on earth. AS you enter the pyramid you will feel your vessel advance with the dynamic force of love, light and activations to make you more clear in all your days to come.



Yes, we welcome you to some of the most exciting and fun electronic and reggae events "off-grid" in the jungle with the highest elements of sound, frequency and nature. Stay Tuned.

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